There are those who argue that we are the sum of our choices. Choosing not to choose is still a choice in that equation — one that easily dares destiny and provokes the devil. I don’t know of another song in which someone dies and is eaten by vultures. ~SE

Skip Ewing – ©2019 Write! On Music (BMI)

Billy said you take this bottle, it’s an awful lot like love
You start out with a sip and you feel right swell
But you keep on drinking long enough
and sometimes it gets mean and the whole thing goes to hell
Now I’ve drank a lot more whiskey than I’ve ever tasted love
But there was one in Washakie
I didn’t tell her about the bounty. I didn’t know her long enough
They killed her when they missed me

Ooh, love is good until it’s gone.

Now this train we hit tomorrow ain’t no church-on-Sunday stroll
They’ll have sidearms, twelves, and tins
Better ride out like I told you or you’ll end up with a hole
In your chest, and you won’t ride back again
I let you stay on for the money ‘cause you keep your muzzle shut
Me, I kinda do it for the fame
And I know the plan is working ‘cause every time I dole the cut
They raise the wanted number ‘neath my name

Ooh, money’s good until it’s gone
Ooh, it’s alright until it all goes wrong

And we drank a lot of bourbon, and we gambled and we rolled
And we spent up all we held up stages for
And when I contemplated freedom he said, Devils truth be told,
We both want whiskey, fame, and money more

I was on a horse named Copper when we met up near The Wall
I told myself I’d change his name to Gold
This was gonna be my last one. Hell, the biggest one of all
And I kind of liked the thought of getting old
We were right on time and plan but they had more than twelves and tins
They uncovered what they called a Gatling gun
I went down and Copper with me when I felt lead twice again
And I couldn’t feel my legs to even run

Ooh, freedom’s good until it’s gone
Ooh, it’s alright until it all goes wrong

Now there’s a ring of black above me up there circling in the sky
And If I knew how you can bet your life I’d pray
I can hear the preacher saying, You’ll have nothing when you die.
Guess I thought at least I’d have a grave

Ooh, life is good until it’s gone.
Ooh, it’s alright until…