At about the time she falls in love with Unicorns, the little sorceress you love won’t just believe in magic, she’ll enchant you with moments of inexplicable preciousness. She’ll weave the sacred spells of firsts and lasts, the transformations of waking and falling asleep. She’ll wave her wand and not be little anymore, and she and the unicorn will fly away on a magical journey you can’t make up in a song. Later, the memories will ensorcell you as powerfully as she did, and unicorns will be more real than ever. ~SE

Skip Ewing – Write! On Music (BMI) ©2019

You said, Play a bedtime song for me, please
So I picked up my guitar and I tuned it down a key

I know the one thing you love the best
So I’ll sing about it if you promise to rest
Somewhere a princess is in love with a knight
And the knight and a dragon got into a fight
But she was saved, she was saved by unicorns

They went on a journey ‘cause one of them could fly
And they flew across the ocean way up in the sky
And they saw many wonders in their magical world
But not a single wonder that’s as precious as my girl
She believes, she believes in unicorns

And they flew off to dreamland with you it would seem
A story and a song to say goodnight
She believes… and she is out